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Regular attendance is essential to your child’s progress in dance. Children develop very quickly and even one absence may affect their progress. In addition, the class depends on everyone's regular attendance to perform well as a group. We do understand that children get sick from time to time and we understand these types of absences. If a child misses more that 6 classes it is at the teacher's discretion to remove that child from the class so that the rest of the students are not slowed by the absences. If you would like your child to make up missed classes arrangements may be made for a private class with the instructor for an additional fee. There will be no deductions or pro rating of tuition for missed classes, regardless of reason. If, for some reason, you withdraw your child from class the office must be notified, in writing, at the time of withdrawal so your account may be adjusted accordingly. Charges will continue to accrue until such notification is made. There are absolutely no refunds of any kind!

Dress Code

All students must be dressed properly for dance class. Acceptable attire for class consists of a leotard, any color or style, or tight fitting dance clothes, with the appropriate dance shoes. ***Acro students must be in a leotard. Tights are optional. Children should be barefoot for acrobat, unless teacher specifies that shoes are required. No socks or tights without shoes please. All students must have their hair securely pulled away from their face in either a ponytail or a bun. After the first week of classes children are expected to have the proper attire. If not, your child may not be able to participate in class. ABSOLUTELY NO T-SHIRTS OR LONG PANTS!!!!!!!!


Our tuition is based on the dance session. Our full year session runs from the Tuesday following Labor Day through mid May ending with our annual recital. For your convenience tuition is pro-rated on a monthly basis. Tuition is due the first FULL week of classes every month. A late fee of $10 will be assessed to each account not paid by the 10th of the month. The full month’s tuition is to be paid regardless of the number of lessons given. Please remember some months may have 3 lessons while others may have 5. There will be a $30 charge for all returned checks, regardless of the reason. NO EXCEPTIONS!! Payments may be mailed if you cannot make it to the studio. Payments may be made by cash, check, or credit card. If you choose to pay by cash, please be sure to get a cash receipt from the office staff. If any account is over due by 30 days or more that child will not be able to participate until the account is brought up to date. Payment plans are available; please see Lee for more information.


Dancer’s Image will follow the Westfield Public School systems policies regarding closings/ and or early dismissals due to weather conditions. When Westfield schools are closed or dismissed early, we will be closed as well. If in doubt call the studio to see if classes will be held. We will hold class on Monday holidays.

Parent Watch Weeks

On the first FULL week of every month we invite you to watch your child’s progress through our viewing windows. We will no longer be allowing parents to enter the dance rooms to watch classes. We have found that the children have a hard time concentrating when parents and visitors are present. The only exception will be in the tot classes where parents will be allowed in the room with the child for the first month until the child becomes comfortable. After the first month the same rules apply. You will notice that the instructors may open the blinds at other times for your observation at their discretion.


Note: While waiting for your child please be respectful of our newly renovated wait area. Please keep siblings out of the dance rooms as it can become distracting to the dancers. We also ask that everyone please pick up after themselves and make sure that eating stays in the student break room. Thank you for your understanding.