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SESSION 3 OFFERINGS Beginning January 12th

Class List  2020-2021

All Classes are 45min unless otherwise specified. Classes are limited to max 8-10 participants. (5 dancers for Tot/Parent Class)

Session 1 Sept 8th-Nov 2nd  

Session 2 Nov 3-Jan 11th

Session 3 Jan 12th-March 15th

Session 4 March 16th-May 17th Recital Session


                                   4:10B **Acro 2

5:00A Ballet 1             5:05B **Lyrical 2

5:55A Ballet 2             6:00B **Lyrical 1

6:50A Ballet 3             6:55B **Acro 3

7:45A Tech (4-7)         7:50B **Contemp 1

8:40A Pointe 7            8:45B **Contemp 2



4:05A  Combo Jazz/Lyrical 6-9         4:10B Tot Tumbling 2-3 (1/2 hour)

                                             5:05B Princess Ballet 2-4 (1/2 hour)

5:55A Hip Hop 4-6                             6:00B Lyrical 9-12

6:50A Hip Hop 7-9                             6:55B Adult Tap

7:45A Hip Hop 10 and up                  7:50B Tap 11 and up





4:05A **Elite Contemp    4:10B **Hip Hop 1

5:00A  Tech (1-3)             5:05B **Jazz 4

5:55A  Ballet 4                 6:00B **MT 1

6:50A  Ballet 5                 6:55B **Jazz 2

7:45A  Ballet 6                 7:50B **Elite Lyrical

8:40A  **Elite Modern      8:45B **Jazz 3



4:05A Acro 7-9                4:10B **HipHop 2

5:00A **Tap 1                   5:05B **Contemp 3

5:55A **Jazz 1                 6:00B **Elite Acro

6:50A **Tap 3                   6:55B **Lyrical 3

7:45A **Tap 2                   7:50B **Lyrical 4

8:40A Acro 12&up            8:45B **Elite Jazz


4:05A  Tot Jazz/Ballet 2-4 (1/2 hour)          4:10B  **Acro 1

5:00A  Open Leap and Turn                       5:05B  Combo Acro/Jazz 3-5

5:55A  Lyrical 11 and up                            6:00B  Open Tumbling all levels     

                                                                   6:55B  Acro 8-10                                   



9:00amA Combo Ballet/Jazz/Tap ages 4-7         

10:00A Combo Jazz/Tap ages 7-9                       

11:00A **Elite Tap

**Indicates competition class

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