Fall Class Schedule - 2017

Dancer’s Image Fall 2017-2018 Class List




4:15A Ballet Intensive 1 1/2 hour (Black) (AB)

       B acro ages 8-10 (KS)

5:00A (intensive cont) (AB)

       B Petite Jazz Company (BD,KS)

5:45A Pointe (AB) 1/2 hour

       B Comp Acro 1 (KS, BD)

6:15B Open Tumbling (1 hour) (KS,BD)

       A Jazz ages 4-7 (KJ)

7:00A Jazz 8-10 (KJ)

7:15B Comp Acro 2 (KS,BD)

7:45A acro ages 11 and up (KS)







4:15B Tap ages 5-7 (CR)

5:00a Hip hop ages 5-7 (KR)

       B Combo Ballet Jazz Tap ages 3-5 (CR)

5:45A Hip- Hop ages 8-10 (KR)

       B Lyrical ages 5-7 (CR)

6:30a hip hop ages 6-9 (KR)

        B lyrical ages 8-10 (CR)

7:15A Hip Hop ages 11 and up(KR)

       B tap ages 8-12 (CR)

8:00B Lyrical 11 and up (CR)





4:15A Ballet intensive 1 1/2 hour (light green) (AB)

5:00A (intensive cont) (AB)

       B Acro ages 4-7 (BD,AD)

5:45A Ballet Intensive 1 1/2 hour (light Blue) (AB)

       B Petite lyrical (BD,AD)

6:30A (Intensive Cont.) (AB)

       B Mini/Petite Musical Theatre (BD,KS)

7:15A Jazz ages 11 and up (KR)

        B Jr Contemporary (BD,KS)

8:00A Teen Lyrical (KS)

       B Jr/Sr Jazz Company (BD, KR)

8:45A Sr Lyrical  (BD,KS)








4:15A Mini jazz (KS)

       B Combo Acro Jazz Tap 2-4 (KJ)

5:00A ballet 45 min (pink) (AB)

       B Teen Jazz Company Company  (KS,KJ)

5:45A Ballet Intensive 1 1/2 hour (royal blue) (AB)

       B  Jr lyrical Company (BD,KS)

6:30A (Intensive Cont) (AB)

       B Small Group Jazz(BD,KS,EZ)

7:15B Musical Theatre Elite (BD,EZ)

       A Open Leap and Turn (KS)

8:00A Tap A Company (KS, CR)

       B Tap B Company(KS,CR)

8:45b Sr contemporary (BD,KS)





5:30b  Tot tappers ages 2-4 1/2 hour (MF)

6:00b Irish step ages 6-9 (MF)

6:45B Irish Step ages 10and up (MF)

7:30B Adult Irish Step (MF)


*****All classes are 45 min unless otherwise noted. All classes labeled Mini, Petite, Jr, Teen, or Sr. are part of our competitive team and require teacher approval


Beth Drugan-BD

Kathy Sitler-KS

Katie Racicot-KR

Ana Bracken-AB

Chelsea Racicot-CR

Kayla Jablonski-KJ

Maureen Fitzgerald-MF

Ashley Day-AD

Eddie Zitka-EZ

For more information, or to register for classes, please call the studio (413) 568-4989 or email us at Beth@dancersimagewestfield.com